About Us

We are the next door recruitment firm but yes, we stand different. How? - is something which we would like to demonstrate! The idea behind the inception of thestaffinghub was very simple. Pretty aware of the staffing firms already existing in every corner of the town and blowing their trumpets, we thought let's do it differently! All that we boast is of a team of crazy recruiters who have made their work desk a playing area and you can see them having fun when they are not working. Equally, they do not mind ignoring the clock when they hook onto the bull's eye. Work hard in silence and let success make the noise, is the ideology that we believe in; so all that we can say about us is - we are a staffing firm who goes an extra mile to deliver your expectations.

What We Do?

Where human resource play a vital role in today's global economic scenario, majority of companies look for the best staffing company to get the right talent on board. Essentially, we believe, staffing is just not about filling the resource gap; it goes much more beyond the traditional way of providing manpower.

We have a differential approach while we work on your staffing needs. A company's brand value, reputation and social image have immense participation in the process of recruitment. We focus just not on finding resources, but during the entire process, we focus on elevating the company's repute and brand value.

As one of the top staffing agency, we have wide industry expertise in recruitments and an in-depth screening process. We cast a wide net while seeking the right candidate for you and are technology driven to optimize social media and other online platforms.

At thestaffinghub, we value and nurture relationship at both ends i.e. client and the candidate and that's the primary reason for us to have an excellent candidate network and an enduring work relations with our clients. The humungous growth of staffing agencies has proved that the hunger for right talent does not seem to recede. But being than just one of the staffing partner, we believe that commitment and quality drive the bond to greater levels of enriching work relationships. More than sharing a big client portfolio to tell you more about us, we would rather prefer you to try us out as your staffing partner and then make you brag about us.

We are the Best


    You can count on us for the expectations that you keep from us.


    Adherence to strict compliance, SLA's and requirements.


    3 pillars of our services - Quality, scalability and commitment.

The Difference

Today, every service oriented business speaks about how different they are and the factors for which they stand out of the competition. We really do not care whether we stand in or out; except, the promise to add value to your business. Besides, the apt talent fill that we do, we partner with you to