Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Getting the best of both of worlds is seen many a times with companies who look for long-term good talent however is not willing to add them up immediately to their cost sheet. Rather, would like to permanently hire them once they find them apt for the position and willing to get more efficient. This contract-to-hire staffing service is seen in demand when employers would like to ascertain manpower before getting them permanently on board.

The other reason would be the sceptical tenure of the project. If a short-term temporary project gets onto their kitty bag permanently, a company would suddenly feel the dire need of permanent resources. The Staffing Hub is adroit at providing temp-to-hire resources keeping a complete transparency of work and finding equally good matching talent.

The Staffing Hub has wide experience in placing contract-to-hire personnel which helps both the parties substantially. Our recruiters stringently search and choose candidates who are in look out for such contract-to-hire positions and are willing to shell out their expertise as an initial test-drive. This arrangement proves to be an outstanding opportunity for both the i.e. the company and the job seeker.